Nigerian Journal of Animal Production

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A survey of dairy production practices in the derived Savannah of Oyo State South Western Nigeria

BG Oladunjoye, AA Busari, VO Okoruwa, JA Olanite


The study was conducted to find out dairy production practices among Agro-pastoral Fulani women in the derived Savannah of Oyo State, Southwestern Nigeria. Data were collected, using structured questionnaire from 120 Fulani women in three Local Government areas namely: Oyo West, Atiba and Ogbomosho North respectively. The study revealed that the main dairying activities are milking of cattle, processing and marketing of dairy products. The most preferred dairy products are wara (local cheese), ghee and butter. Marketing was done exclusively by self or in combination with intermediaries ("middlemen"). Main reasons for engagement in dairying activities are: Income generation, cultural and husband's wish. Constraints mostly encountered are bad roads, inadequate transport facilities and inadequate supply of raw milk from the cattle in dry season. Sources of agricultural information include; friends/neighbours, radio broadcasts, and International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) Programme, Ibadan.

Keywords: Fulani women, milk processing, Wara, Ghee, Butter.

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