Nigerian Journal of Animal Production

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Evaluation of the organoleptic properties of 'suya' produced from various sources of meat

GS Ojewola, GI Onwuka


This research was undertaken to evaluate the potential of different meat sources in producing acceptable suya when compared with the traditional beef soya in Nigeria. Five meat types viz: pork, beef, chicken, rabbit and chevon were used for this experiment. The sensory evaluation was conducted on the soya samples by a 20-man panel of judges using a 9-point bedonic scale to assess the colour, flavour, texture and overall acceptability of the samples. The results showed that beef, goat and chicken suya significantly maintained a better acceptance (P<0.01) than the pork suya. There was a significantly (P<0.01) positive response to the flavour of chicken and beef soya than the rest of the other samples. Texture wise, beef and goat suya were significantly (P<0.01) more acceptable than the rest. In overall acceptability, the beef and chicken suya showed no significant difference (P<0.01) from each other and were both rated the best among the samples. It is apparent from the overall results that both goat and chicken could successfully substitute for beef in the production of acceptable soya. The quality characteristics generally showed that both meat samples were comparable to the beef sample.

Keywords: 'Suya', organoleptic properties, various meat sources

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