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Evaluation studies on the efficacy of pyrethrum based insecticide (Tyrax®) in the control of mange in goats

AA Taiwo, AD Adejuyigbe, EA Adebowale, AM Daramola


Two studies were conducted in assessing the efficacy of a pyrethrnm based insecticide (Tyrax®) as a control for mange in West African Dwarf (WAD) goats. In the first study, an on-station trial, four goats infested with mange at the neck, sternum and scrotum were treated with tyrax solution (1:20 dilution) by surface application at 3 day interval for four weeks. Mange bad completely disappeared in two of the four goats while the efficacy was 70% in the others at 4 weeks of treatment. In the second study, an on-farm trial, 41 goats in 17 households were treated with tyrax (1:20 and 1:40 dilution rates) and ivermectin (ivomec), injected subcuteneously (1 ml/50kg body weight). Infested areas of goats included various parts of the body and the entire body. Observations were made at two periods after treatments (2 and 4 weeks). The efficacy was very high for all the treatments at 2 weeks but this was apparent at 4 weeks (P<0.05). Significant difference (P<0.05) was noticed only with ivomec® treatment between the two periods. Based on this work, tyrax® can be used in the treatment of localized mange infestation.

Keywords: Efficacy, Goats, Mange, Prethrum

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