The efficacy of four anthelmintics in adult cattle under field conditions

  • TW Schillhorn Van Veen


Four anthelmintics bithionol-sulphoxide 35-40 mg/kg. (BS) bithionol-sulphoxide combined with thiabendazole at 100 mg/kg (BS+TB-100) and at 80 mg/kg (BS+TB-80), hexachlorophene 10-15 mg/kg, (HX) and rafoxanide 6-8 mg/kg (RF) were used in adult cattle under Nigerian field conditions. Two treatment schemes were used: 1. one treatment a month (March) before the beginning of the rains (and the period that Fasciola infections were obtained), 2. two treatments, one a month before and one a month after the beginning of the rains.

The weight gains, egg counts, and number of animals found infected were recorded from March till August.

The total weight gain over the five months period was 37, 24,5, 23, 24.5, 15.5, 17 and 14 kg for the cattle treated with BS+TB-100, BS+TB-80, BS (once), RF (twice), RF (once), HX (twice) and controls respectively.

The number of Fasciola infected animals decreased by the following percentages 2 weeks after treatment: 93% for BS, 75% for RF and 28% for HX; the controls showed a definite increase. 

None of the treatments showed a significant reduction in the number of trichostrongyle infected animals and in egg counts, except the BS+TB-100 group.


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eISSN: 0331-2062