Reproductive Performance And Superovulatory Response Of Endangered Cameroonian Namshi Breed (Bos taurus)

  • LD Massoma
  • NM Ngo
  • J Tchoumboue
  • O Messono
Keywords: Oestrus, anoestrus postpartum, superovulation


This study was undertaken to determine the reproductive performance of the endangered Bos-taurus Namshi breed of Cameroon. Ovarian response to superovulatory treatment was also evaluated. The following observations were recorded. The average calf mortality rate was 25.71% while the average birth weight was 12.22±0.82kg, the percentage of animals in oestrus during the wet and the dry season was respectively 60% and 33.4%, the oestrus cycle length and oestrus duration were respectively 20.801.20d and 7.00±0.80h: corresponding dry season figures for those parameters were 19.00±0.94d and 6.00±0.7h, respectively. In the dry season the manifestation of oestrus was 80% during the day and 29% at night while in the wet season it was 55.55% and 44.5%, respectively. Postpartum oestrus was 18 months. The ovarian response to superovulatory treatment was about 6.40±2.50 ovulations per cow. Results indicate that the scarcity of Bos taurus Namshi breed in Cameroon could be attributed to high calf mortality rate, low calving rate and long postpartum periods. Embryo transfer could be a way to rapidly multiply this breed.

Keywords: Oestrus; anoestrus postpartum; superovulation


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eISSN: 0331-2062