Bioefficacy And Economics Of Ronozyme™ P As A Substitute For Bone Meal In Turkey Poult Ration

  • GS Ojewola
  • EN Nwachukwu
  • SF Abasiekong
  • AH Akinmutimi
  • OA Oluwafisayo
Keywords: Bioefficacy, Ronozyme P, bone meal, turkey poult ration


The biological and economic efficiencies of Ronozyme ™ p as a substitute for bone meal in female Turkey poults was investigated. A total of eighty local female poults were brooded and fed commercial broiler starter diet containing 23% CP and 2800kcal/kg ME from day-old to four weeks of age. Sixty (60) female poults were thereafter randomly selected and allotted to each of the four experimental groups of fifteen (15) birds each. Each diet was fed to triplicate groups of five poults for 8 weeks in a completely randomized design. A total of four isocaloric and isonitrogenous diets containing 25 CP and 2932kcal/kg ME were formulated. Each of the diets was supplemented with Ronozyme TM P while inclusion level of bone meal was varied from diet 1 to 4 respectively. Of all the production and economic parameters considered only the mean daily feed intake was significantly (P < 0.05) influenced. Diet 2 proved to be the best, by having the best feed to gain ratio (2.55), and higher gross margin (₦1,356.35). The difference in the mean total body weight gain for the two diets (2, 323.33 (D2) and 2,380.00g (D3)). It was concluded that 2% level of bone meal inclusion in poults diets proved better than diets having 3%, 1% and 0% respectively, especially when supplemented with 30g of Ronozyme TM P as recommended. This will cut-down cost and also probably improve calcium and phosphorous availability and absorption.

Keywords: Bioefficacy, RonozymeTM P, bone meal, turkey poult ration


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eISSN: 0331-2062