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Intake and nutrient digestibilies of all-concentrate diet form forage and some crop wastes by shee and goats

AA Adeloye


A total or 20 animals comprising 10 rams and 10 bucks were involved in a digestibility study to assess the  nutritive value of a combination of yam peel, cocoa-seed testa and Leucaena leaf in an all-concentrate diet for the sheep and goat. Parameters for assessment were dry matter intakes, dry matter and nutrient  digestibilities, total digestible nutrients and nutritive ratio. The dry matter intakes in the all-concentrate diet by the sheep and goat ( > 4% of body weight) were higher (p<0.05) than obtained for the conventional diet of grass hay and supplemental concentrate. The digestibilities of dry matter, crude fibre and energy were lower (P<0.05) while those of crude protein and ether extrnct were higher and significant when compared to the conventional diet. The nature of the crude fibre of all- concentrate reed could intluence the dry matter and energy digestibilities, and the digestible energy. The nutritive ratio of the all-concentrate feed was narrow (P<t).05) and indicated a high nutritive value.

Key words: Yam peels, cocoa seed testa, Leucaena leaf meal, digestibilities, sheep and goat.

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