Optimum poultry enterprise combinations among small holder farmers in Osun State, Nigeria

  • T.T. Awogboro
  • W.A. Yusuf
  • S.A. Yusuf


Poultry farmers are confronted with choice for efficient allocationof farm resources between the different enterprises so as to optimize production objectives. The study therefore, was focused on optimum poultry enterprise combinations among small holder farmers in Osun State, Nigeria. Primary data were collected using questionnaires and were analyzed using descriptive statistics, budgetary technique and linear programming  model. Of the seven poultry enterprises identified, the most profitable enterprise combination was that of layers/broilers with a benefit cost ratio of ? 1.92 while the enterprise that yielded the least net farm income was the sole cockerel which had a benefit cost ratio of ? 1.57.The profitability of sole and combined poultry enterprises was limited by high cost of production in which the feed cost constitutesmore than three-quarter of the total cost. Although, the optimal poultry enterprise combination was layers/broilers, the farmers in the study area attested to the fact that poultry  business was still highly profitable.It is therefore recommended that both farmers and government must partner to find a means of reducing feed cost by financing poultry research. Also, poultry farmers should concentrate and intensify their poultry combination practices especially that of layers/broilers, which may be the appropriateoptimal combination enterprise.

Keywords: Poultry enterprise, small holder farmers


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eISSN: 0331-2062