Effects of feeding varying levels of bakery waste meal on the performance and carcass values of growing Coturnix quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

  • J.A. Edache
  • R.U. Muduudtai
  • C.D. Tuleun
  • A.G. Yisa
Keywords: Bakery waste meal, water intake, japanese quails.


Since bakeries are scattered all over Nigeria and beyond, such feed materials like bakery waste abound and this can be tapped as a feed resource for poultry having little pressure of competition. A feeding trial of 6 weeks duration was conducted to determine the effect of replacing maize with bakery waste of CP; 3.32% and ME; 3221.88kcal/kg on the performance of growing Japanese quails.Two hundred two –week old quails of mixed  sexes were randomly allocated to five diets in a completely randomized design. The five isonitrogenous (25% CP) diets incorporated 0, 8.31, 16.61, 24.92 and 28.69% of bakery waste at the expense of maize. The diets, however, varied in energy levels from 2,706.92 (Diet A) to 2,610.76kcal/kg ME (Diet E). Diets B (2,679.17), C (2,650.57) and D (2,623.75) were lower than diet A. Each diet was replicated three times. Feed intake (21.99, 20.34, 21.25,  23.83 and 22.97g/bird/day), weight gain (3.39, 3.29, 3.46, 3.61, 3.75g/bird/day) and feed conversion ratio (6.32, 6.17, 6.16, 6.62 and 6.31) did not differ significantly from the control. Water intake was significantly higher (p<0.05) on diet D (33.78ml/b/day) than on diets A (30.90) and B (30.99)
only. Water intake on diets C (31.89) and E (32.91ml/bird/day) were not different. Feed cost/kg gain was significantly higher (p<0.05) for birds on dietsB (632.00) and A (617.67) than on diets C (542.33) and D (550.67) only. Other differences were not significant. Live weight, slaughter weight, plucked weight and drumstick were better on the diet with 100% bakery waste. Feed cost per kg diet decreased from 84.62 (diet A) to 78.75 (diet E) and has a cost saving of 6.94% over the control diet. Therefore, bakery waste could completely replace maize in diets for Japanese quail chicks without adverse effect on performance.

Keywords: Bakery waste meal, water intake, japanese quails.


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eISSN: 0331-2062