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Comparative study on the semen quality characteristics of parthenotes and parent toms reared in Nsukka

F.U. Udeh
I.J. Ohagenyi
N.E. Ikeh
M.O. Onodugo
V.C. Udeh
J. E. Ezea


The study was conducted to evaluate the semen quality characteristics of turkey parthenotes and parent toms. A total of twenty-four turkeys were  used for the study. These comprised of twelve parthenotes toms and twelve parent toms. Parthenotes are male turkeys produced through parthenogenesis. The toms were subjected to abdominal massage techniques for semen collection. Semen collection was done twice per week and  analyzed for volume, motility, sperm concentration, like sperm, abnormal sperm, normal sperm, dead sperm, total sperm/ejaculates and total  motile sperm cells. The results showed that there were significant differences (p<0.05) in semen volume, sperm concentration, normal sperm cell, abnormal sperm and total motile sperm with mean values being 0.35mL, 1.74x109/mL, 97.80%, 2.20%, 1.68x1012 and 0.41ml, 1.50x109/mL, 94.00%, 6.00% and 1.42x1012, respectively for both parthenotes and parent toms. However, semen parameters such as motility, live sperm cell, dead sperm cell and total sperm/ejaculate showed no significant difference (p>0.05) with values of 96.7%, 97.7%, 2.30% and 6.07x109 for parthenotes toms and  93.20%, 98.50%, 1.50% and 6.23x109 for parent toms. It was observed from the results that turkey parthenotes possess good quality semen characteristic and therefore, recommended for use in poultry industry for turkey production.

Keywords: Turkeys, semen quality, parthenotes and parent toms

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eISSN: 0331-2062