Chemical composition of snail meat species (Archachatina maringata and Achatina achatina) in Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria

  • F.A.O. Akinnusi
  • A.S. Adeoye
  • D.F. Adeleke
Keywords: Giant African Land Snail, proximate composition, mineral analysis


The cost of procuring meat as an animal protein source inNigeria is on the increase. There is therefore the need to source for alternative cheap source of animal protein that can serve the populace the nutritive value needed in the body system. The study was carried out to assess the proximate composition and mineral analysis of the two species of snail meat (Archachatina marginata and Achatina achatina) in Odeda LocalGovernmentArea of Ogun State Nigeria. The result revealed that snail meat (Archachatina marginata and Achatina achatina) were found to contain; 0.16g/100g and 0.18g/100g of Crude fibre, 1.43g/100g and 0.79g/100g of Ash content, 1.53g/100g and 0.88g/100g of Ether extract, 22.75g/100g and 11.92g/100g of Crude Protein, 0.09g/100g and 0.19g/100g of NFE (Nitrogen Free Extract), 74.06g/100g and 86.1g/100g of moisture content respectively while the mineral content of snailmeat (Archachatina marginata and Achatina achatina) was found to be 1.216mg/g and 1.343mg/g of Phosphorus, 0.426mg/g and 0.438mg/g of Magnesium, 0.084mg/g and 0.093mg/g of Iron, 2.011mg/g and 2.046mg/g of Calcium, 1.934mg/g and 1.967mg/g of Potassium, 0.795mg/g and 1.000mg/g of Chlorine. The overall nutritional potential of the two species was quite good. These results show that these species of snail are highly nutritive. The findings were discussed in line with the importance and implication of the uses of edible land snail meat to man. It is therefore recommended that there is need to increase animal protein production in Nigeria and other developing countries of the world as a panacea to imminent problem of malnutrition.


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eISSN: 0331-2062