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Review of anticancer and antioxidant activities of radioresistant extremophiles at molecular level: an itinerary to the discovery of cancer drugs in Nigerian extreme radiation environments

A M Vatsa
Y I Zakari
J C Igwe
F Iseghohi
A U Akpa
A Y Jibrin
A K Abubakar
R Adamu


Radiation extremophiles exhibits extraordinary resistance to ionizing radiation (electromagnetic or corpuscular). Chroococcidiopsis sp., Deinococcus radiodurans, Rubrobacter radiotolerans, and Thermococcus gammatolerans are examples of radioresistant microorganisms with the ability to survive and grow under high doses of radiation. Most radioresistant organisms use a combination of repair and protection based mechanisms to achieve high radioresistance. This article emphasizes the molecular mechanism underlying the tolerance of these organisms to ionizing radiation. The procedure applied in molecular cancer therapy such as anticancer drug, antioxidation, and sunscreen ability was discussed. These processes may provide some insight into response of the microorganism’s internal processes under different conditions. The developmental process counts on the economic base of the biotechnological industries and their curiosity for molecular level innovative concept from extremophiles. The stimulating test of abilities and future visions of this concept are also mentioned.

Keywords: ionizing radiation; extremophiles; radioresistant; extremozymes; extremolytes.

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print ISSN: 0189-1731