Analysis of differentially expressed genes induced by drought stress in tef (Eragrostistef) root

  • Hewan Demissie Degu
Keywords: Drought, Genome, Microarray, Root, Tef


Drought stress is one of the major abiotic stresses which induces root growth in tef. Molecular mechanisms underlying the elongation of roots under drought stress are not known. Therefore, we aimed to study the tef root system to uncover the expression profiles for drought stress using Agilent gene chip of rice. One hundred seventy-five expressed genes were found to be differentially expressed after eight days of drought stress with Eragrostis tef- resistant genotype, Kaye Murri. The drought-responsive genes were isolated and classified into nine categories according to the functional roles in plant metabolic pathways, such as defense, signal transduction, cell wall fortification, oxidative stress, photosynthesis,  development, cell maintenance, RNA binding, and unknown functions. The profiles of tef root genes, responsive to drought stress shared common identities with other expression profiles known to be elicited by diverse stresses, including pathogenesis, abiotic stress, and wounding. Well-known drought-related transcription factor-like, WRKY and bHLH were up-regulated. Cell transport-related regulators such as potassium transporter 22-like, auxin transporter-like protein 1, and wall-associated receptor kinase were also involved in the expression profile of tef root under drought stress. Their expression had enhanced the drought-responsive genes, which, have a direct role to maintain root growth under drought stress.

Key words: Drought, Genome, Microarray, Root, Tef


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print ISSN: 0189-1731