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Empirical Investigative Analysis on the Effect of Triangular and Gaussian Membership Function on Fuzzy-Based Controlled Vehicle Platooning

E.E. Agbon
Ore-Ofe Ajayi
U.Y. Bagaye


Fuzzy controlled vehicle platoon system provides a simplified and robust approach to achieving platoon string stability and uniform inter-vehicular gap keeping in autonomous vehicle platoon. However, the fuzzification and defuzzification method adopted affects the characteristics of the platoon to a large extent, while also determining velocity stability timing, although researcher select a fuzzification/defuzzification method based on comfort, familiarity or simplicity. This work undertakes to investigate the effect of fuzzification and defuzzification method on vehicle platoon, to provide evidence on the selection criteria and how it affects the controlled system. The results obtained show that the best performing combination was reported as triangular/centroid with 4.44 secs velocity stability for vehicle V3, and 1.91 secs distance stability for follower vehicle, when compared to Gaussian/MoM with 79.88 secs velocity stability V3 and 85.89 secs for follower vehicle being the worst performing combination.

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eISSN: 2705-3954
print ISSN: 0794-4756