Nigerian Journal of Guidance and Counselling

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Parental permissiveness, abuse experience and gender roles as determinants of parent abuse among undergraduates in Ogun state, Nigeria

Williams Taiwo, Womiloju Ayodele, George Lenda


Parental abuse as a societal problem has been in obscurity for years especially in Africa where utmost respect is required from children towards their parents. In African society abuse and disrespect to parents are viewed as a taboo. This study examined some factors which could contribute to parent abuse. Descriptive research design of ex-post-facto type was adopted for the study. All the identified factors were found to have jointly contributed to parental abuse (F =26.812; R = 0.514; R2 = 0.264, Adj. R2 =.0.254; p <.05). Abuse experienced by children was found to have contributed relatively to parent abuse. No difference was found between the abuse experience of male and female respondents. Implications of findings and suggestions for effective counselling were highlighted.

Keywords: Parental permissiveness, Abuse experience, Gender roles, Parent abuse

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