Appropriate Hydroponic systems for growing tropical leafy vegetables in greenhouse

  • W.A.P. Weerakkody
  • N.A.K.G.E. Kumari
  • W.M.S.M. Bandara
  • R. Dris
  • O. I. Oladele


This study work was conducted to evaluate the growth and yield of two selected tropical leafy vegetables, Kankung (Ipomea aquatica) and Mukunuwanne (Alternanthera sessilis), in different hydroponics systems under greenhouse conditions. Three hydroponic systems namely NFT, coir bag culture, and trough culture were compared with soil culture under greenhouse conditions. The greenhouse was 30 x 100 ft2 tunnel greenhouse with side netting and forced-air ventilation. Crops were grown with recommended management practices and evaluated for vegetative growth and leaf yield. Significantly higher shoot growth hand leaf yield were found in NFT and coir bag culture during the final vegetative growth of both crops. However, the effect of growing systems on leaf area (size) and the plant height of Mukunuwenna were not significant. Through grown plants dominated in root growth while, dry matter accumulation appeared to be lower in hydroponically grown plants compared with soil culture. Coir bag culture and NFT were identified as better growing systems for both leafy vegetables under greenhouse conditions in tropical region. Key words: Soilless culture, cutivation system, hydroponic, vegetable

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1118-2733