Nigerian Journal of Horticultural Science

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Comparative analysis between maturity traits, yield components and yield of Tattasai Pepper under contrasting conditions.

J. D. Olanrewaju, F.A. Showemimo


This work reports on the results of comparative traits involving 10 tattasai pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) grown for 2 years under contrasting conditions of wet and dry season as treatment in randomized complete block design and replicated three times. The result showed non significant effect of years, year x treatment and year x genotype for all the traits. Mean reduction ratio (MRR) signifies delayed expression of maturity traits from -12.1% for days to maturity to - 47% for number of leaves at first flowering under dry season, while MRR for yield and yield components was high and positively expressed under wet season. Correlations indicate that improving yield of tattasai pepper requires simultaneous selection of yield, yield components and number of leaves at first flowering. Correlated response revealed that fruit weight, fruit/plant and percent fruit set are the largest contributors to yield under both seasons and years.
Key words: Mean reduction ratio, correlated response, pepper, dry and wet seasons.
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