Comparative efficiency of some storage methods for leaf vegetables

  • L. A. Babatola
  • O. B. Adetayo
  • S.O. Odeniyi
  • O.I. Lawal


Experiments were carried out to assess the efficiency of some storage techniques for vegetables in the preservation of their nutritive quality. Amaranthus hybridus, Celosia argentia and Corchorus olitorus were used as test crops. The fresh vegetables after being thoroughly washed in clean water were stored using seven storage techniques viz: unwrapped vegetables in wet and dry baskets respectively, vegetables in evaporative coolant structure, vegetables in refrigerator and vegetables on laboratory desk. Physical and chemical properties were observed for the period of 3,5 and 9 days after storage. Results from the study showed that vegetables stored under the evaporative coolant structure had the best quality and high significant difference in terms of freshness, colour retention and marketability. This was followed by vegetables stored in the refrigerator. However, significant differences were observed for chemical parameters like pH, reduced ascorbic acid and total acidity for all vegetables placed under different storage techniques only at five days after storage.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1118-2733