Growth Response and Susceptibility of Telparia Occidentalis Hook Lines to the Root-knot Nematode Meloidogyne Incognita

  • E I Nwanguma
  • A O Olufolaji
  • H A Akintoye
Keywords: Growth, susceptibility, root-knot nematodes, Telfairia occidentalis


The productivity and host suitability of fifteen lines of fluted pumpkin Telfairia occidentalis HOOK f. were evaluated in a root-knot nematode infested field in the early seasons of 2001 and 2002. The root systems of twelve week-old root-knot nematode-infected Celosia argentea L. cv. TLV-13 plants earlier grown on the plot were ploughed into the plot to serve as primary source of inoculum. Pre-planting soil nematode population (Pi) of the experimental plot was assessed from composited 200cm3 soil. The experiment was laid out in a randomized complete block design with three replications. Growth response of line EN2000-4 was statistically outstanding when compared with the other tested lines. The vine lengths recorded for lines EN2000-4, EN2000-6, EN2000-11 and EN2000-12 were significantly longer than the other tested lines. The lower values however occurred in lines EN2000-1, EN2000-5, EN2000-7 and EN2000-8. Line EN2000-3 recorded the highest soil and root nematode populations, gall index as well as the highest number of egg-mass. Line EN2000-4 showed the highest level of resistance with significantly low nematode populations, gall index and number of egg-mass. Significant negative correlation was respectively observed between the growth characters and measured indices of nematode infection i.e. (nematode populations (soil and root), gall rating as well as number of egg-mass). Significant positive correlation was also observed between number of pods and plant vigour. Leaf fresh weight was significantly correlated with shoot fresh weight and number of pods. Similarly, number of leaf was correlated with shoot fresh weight. Correlation between soil nematode population, root nematode populations, gall rating and egg-mass were highly significant. Fresh shoot weight was negatively correlated with all the measured indices of nematode infection, but they were not significant..

Keywords: Growth, susceptibility, root-knot nematodes, Telfairia occidentalis

Nigerian Journal of Horticultural Science Vol. 10 2005: pp. 52-58

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eISSN: 1118-2733