Nutrient release patterns of kola pod husk and pacesetter grade b fertilizer during incubation in the laboratory

  • EA Makinde
  • EA Aiyelari
  • AO Oke
  • OK Oluwa
  • SC Makinde
  • OP Duyilemi
Keywords: Nutrient, Organic material, Nutrient release pattern, soil amendment.


Nutrient release patterns of Kola Pod Husk (KPH) and Pacesetter Grade B (PGB) fertilizer were assessed by subjecting them to 16 weeks incubation period. Milled KPH per Petri dish in the laboratory. The mixture was moistened to 70% field capacity. This was arranged on a bench in the laboratory at room temperature for 16 weeks with four Petri dishes retrieved per row at every four weeks. Soil chemical analysis for macro nutrients release was carried out. The results indicated that total N and P released in PGB was more than that of KPH throughout the incubation period. The K release and change in pH was more
stable in KPH than that of PGB. The two organic materials have the capacity to release nutrients at intervals, at various stages of incubation

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1118-2733