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Storage of pineapple fruits under different conditions: implication on shelf life

T.T Joseph-Adekunle
M.A Okelana
I.A Adekoya


An experiment was carried out at Abeokuta to investigate the effects of storage conditions popularly used in Abeokuta metropolis on freshly harvested pineapple fruits. The pineapple fruits were harvested from a farmer's field and stored for 40 days under three conditions: refridgeration (mean temperature 10 0 C), Ambient condition (27 0 C) and Intense sunlight (37 0 C). Changes in colour, texture and flavour were observed at every other day and scored. The exudates from the pineapples fruits during storage under each conditions were collected and analysed. Under the ambient and intense heat storage conditions spoilage of the fruits commenced as early as the 3rd day of storage. However, deterioration was delayed up to15th day of storage. The shelf life of the pineapple fruits was prolonged by the refridgerated condition up to the 33rd day of storage. The spoilage organisms identified were mainly the yeasts ( Saccharomyces, Candida and Debarromyces species).

Key words: Pineapple, Deterioration, Yeasts, Storage.