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Potassium bromate content and some other attributes of selected commercial wheat flour and bread samples in Odeda Local Government, Abeokuta, Ogun State

Abiodun Aderoju Adeola, Michael Ayodele Idowu, Samson O. Usman, Taofeek Dauda, Olusola Olufunmilayo Adeola, John O. Oyedepo, Babatunde Adebiyi Olunlade


Background: The use of potassium bromate in food has been banned in Nigeria due to its deleterious effects on human health. Some studies have revealed its continued use in bread, a staple food in Nigeria. There is no report on potassium bromate in bread sold in Abeokuta, the capital city of Ogun State.

Objective: The study examined commercial brands of wheat flour and bread samples in Odeda Local Government for the presence of potassium bromate, along with some physical, functional, chemical and sensory properties.

Methods: Two most commonly used wheat flour brands along with bread samples from twelve randomly selected bakeries were examined for bromate, physical, functional, chemical and sensory properties using standard methods. Global Positioning System was used to obtain the geographical location of bakeries. Data were analysed using SAS version 9.

Results: Spatial analysis revealed that bakery distribution was along human population.The flour and bread samples contained 3.15-14.59 μg/g and 8.67-58.28 μg/g potassium bromate, respectively. The water absorption capacity of the flour samples differed significantly (p˂0.05) while the bulk density which did not exhibit any significant difference (p˃0.05).The specific volume, shelf life and residual sugar of the bread samples did not vary significantly (p˃0.05) inbetween visits for each brand of bread. Except for one brand of bread, no significant difference (p˃0.05) occurred in the shelf life of the bread samples. All the bread samples varied significantly (p˂0.05) in terms of other sensory attributes, except aroma.

Conclusion: Inclusion of potassium bromate is done by both the millers and bakers.

Keywords: bread, bromate, flour, bakery

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