Glycemic Response of some Local Nigerian Drinks in Healthy Subjects

  • H Oboh
  • F Obahiagbon
  • A Osagie
  • A Omotosho
Keywords: Nigerian traditional drinks, postprandial blood glucose, glycemic index.


Objective: This study was designed to determine the postprandial glycemic responses of healthy Nigerian subjects to five traditional drinks as a preliminary to the detailed study of the Nigerian mixed diet and identify drinks suitable for vulnerable groups such as diabetic patients. Subjects and methods: The drinks investigated were oil Palm-Wine, Bottled Raphia wine, ‘Kunu’, ‘Zobo’ drink, and Plantain-Wine. The proximate composition of the drinks were determined and the amounts that will deliver 50g carbohydrate were administered to the subjects after an overnight fast. Sixty healthy subjects were used for the study. Glucose (50g in 300ml) was fed to the control subjects. Glycemic response were calculated after 0, 30, 60, 120, and 180 minutes was calculated. Therefore, glucose response curves were constructed. Results: The results revealed that the Glycemic index GI was lowest for oil palm-wine (11±5). ‘Kunu’ had the highest GI value (63.0±8). Plantain, ‘Zobo’, and Raphia wine had 44.0±13, 33.0±3, and 36.0±4 respectively. Conclusion The local drinks elicit low to moderate postprandial rise of blood glucose in healthy subjects. Palm-wine should be the preferred choice for diabetic patients. These drinks are preferable to fizzy drinks in the Nigerian market.

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