Impact of congenital color vision defect on color‑related tasks among Secondary School Students in Ibadan, Southwest Nigeria

  • Mary Ogbenyi Ugalahi
  • Oluyemi Fasina
  • Olufunmilola A. Ogun
Keywords: Color vision, color vision defect, congenital


Aim: To assess the difficulties encountered by students with congenital color vision defects in daily living and school activities.

Methods: A cross‑sectional descriptive study conducted among students of public secondary schools in Ibadan, Nigeria. Structured questionnaires were administered to all consenting students to determine difficulties encountered in aspects of color matching and color recognition.

Results: A total of 1635 students (male:female 1:1.1) were screened of whom 37 (2.3%) had congenital color vision defect. A statistically significant proportion (P < 0.0001) of them reported difficulties with color‑related school work and day‑to‑day activities.

Conclusion: Congenital color vision deficient students encounter some difficulty with school work and daily living activities, hence a need to identify them early and give appropriate career guidance.

Keywords: Color vision, color vision defect, congenital


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