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Unilateral ptosis: an uncommon presentation of chronic sinusitis - A case report

UC Akubuilo
AC Ayuk
JN Eze
T Oguonu


Chronic sinusitis is an inflammatory lesion that involves the paranasal sinuses with symptoms and signs that are beyond 12 weeks in duration. It commonly presents with nasal stuffiness, mouth breathing, purulent nasal discharge, post natal drip, snoring, cough, headache, facial fullness, hyposmia, sore throat and halitosis. Features of ocular and cerebral complications may be present at diagnosis but are uncommon and can thus result in misdiagnosis. A 15 year old male presented with sudden onset ptosis and other symptoms that initially suggested an intracranial SOL or a Cavernous sinus thrombosis. A CT scan of the head and neck structures identified chronic sinusitis as the only likely pathology. We present this case to highlight an unusual ocular complication of chronic sinusitis.