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Use of spectral decomposition technique for mapping geologic features of ‘Reigh’ field, Onshore Niger Delta

O.K. Olaleye
P.A. Enikanselu
M.A. Ayuk


Spectral Decomposition Technique based on Short-Window Discrete Fourier Transform (SWDFT) was applied to threedimensional (3D) seismic data obtained from ‘Reigh’ field, onshore Niger Delta with a view to enhancing stratigraphic interpretation for geological features which are beyond seismic resolution. Two sands units from the study area were studied to produce spectrally decomposed
surfaces. The result of the study revealed thin bed layer at the centre of the field on sand unit ‘A’. Sand-filled meandering channel was
detected and highlighted in the northern part of sand unit ‘B’ based on Red-Green-Blue frequency modulation of spectral  decomposition. The study has enhanced geologic understanding of the field by improving thin bed resolution, highlighting geologic features and displaying bed thickness variation of studied sand units in the study area.

Keywords: geologic features, Niger Delta, seismic data, spectral decomposition

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eISSN: 1596-0862