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Author Guidelines

Byline: The author(s) name(s) and complete mailing address( without abbreviations) should be supplied, and placed immediately below the title, which must be  as short as possible. Both the title and address o author(s) must be on a separate page from the rest of the text.

Abstract:  The abstract should be on a fresh page and preceded by the paper title (without author(s) name(s) and address(es)).  This should be followed by the abstract, which should not be more than 150 words.  It should be written in a single paragraph, and should state the nature of the investigation as well as summarizing the important findings.  It should not contain references.  Five key words, at least must b written under the abstract.

Text:  The manuscript (not more than 12 typed pages of A4 size paper, there will be extra page charges) should be in section such as:  Introduction, Theory, Experimental methods/procedure, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and References.  All tables should have a title, numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals and should be cited in the appropriate sections of the manuscript.  An acronym should be explained fully where it is first being used and can be subsequently referenced.

Text can be typeset using Microsoft Word 2003, 2007 and above or LaTeX.  If LaTeX is used, authors should send the zip file containng all relevant parts of the text.  IEEE Double column is recommended.

Figures:  Drawing (not exceeding 15 x 20 cm in size) done on transparent tracing paper with black Indian ink, should include enough relevant details.  Lettering and graphs should be large and/or bold enough to allow for reproduction after reduction to suitable size for inclusion in the journal.  All figures must be cited in the text and numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals.  Color illustrations for the journal are welcomed provided color separations of sufficient quality are supplied.  Maximum of 10 illustrations are allowed for figures.

References:  References should be cited in  the  text with Arabic numerals consecutively.  The reference number should be put in square brackets.  References should be listed at the end of the text in the order in which they have been numbered in the text.  The reference  list should be prepared using the following format:

Journal Articles:

1. Surname(s) of Author(s) with initials (not et al.)

2. Full title of article

3. Title of journal abbreviated according to the World list of Scientific periodicals

4. Volume number

5.  Beginning and ending page number of article.

6. Year of Publication


1. Surname(s) of Author(s) with initials (not et al.)

2.  Title of the book

3.  Name(s) of Editor(s), if any.

4.  Name of publisher

5.  Edition

6.  Year of publication


1. Surname(s) of Author(s) with initials (not et al.)

2.  Type of degree

3.  Name and address of institution where work was carried out

4.  Year


Submission should be made by email to Article Processing Charge (APC) for all submission is $200 or N20,000.00.


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