Nigerian Journal of Parasitology

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Studies on prevalence of malaria and management practices of the Azia community, Ihiala L.G.A., Anambra State, south-east Nigeria

DN Aribodor, OO Njoku, CI Eneanya, IO Onyali


A prevalence survey of malaria was carried out in Azia, a rural community in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State, southeast Nigeria. Thick blood films of 1000 individuals attending local hospitals in the community were used to determine the prevalence. Also, structured questionnaire was administered to 1000 individuals in order to obtain information on malaria management practices of the people. The study was carried to the wet season in Nigeria. The prevalence rate was found to be 76% and all were infections of Plasmodium falciparum. The prevalence by age was found to be 0-9(13.2%), 10-19(23.2%), 20-29(21.0%), 30-39(13.6%), 40-49(9.7%), 50 and above (19.2%). The malaria management practices showed that 24.6% attend hospitals, 12.0% use traditional medicine from local healers while 25.0% buy antimalarial drugs without prescription by a physician. It was also found that some use more than one method in their management of malaria. Those who combined antimalaria drugs with traditional medicine from local healers were found to be 17.4% combined antimalarials as well as attend hospitals, 13.8% do0 the while 1.2% reported doing nothing about malaria.

The Nigerian Journal of Parasitology Vol. 24 2003: 33-38
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