Prevalence of gastrointestinal helminth infections among children of Vunoklang Primary School in Moderei Ward of Girei Local Government of Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria

  • S M Pukuma Department of Biological Sciences, Federal University of Technology
  • M Sale


A study on the intestinal helminth infection was carried out among primary school pupils of Vunoklang. 250 stool sample were examined for infection. 114 (45.6%) were observed to be infected. Six parasite species were encountered namely hookworm, with a prevalence rate of 34.2%, Ascaris lumbricoides (22.8%), Strongyloides stecoralis (15.8%), Trichuris trichiura (10.2%), Schistosoma mansoni (10.0%) and Taenia Spp (7.0%). Males were observed to be more infected than the females, though statistically not significant (p >0.05). Age of pupil was observed to have significant effect on infection, pupils between age group of 11-13 years (60.0%) were the most infected, while those above 14 years (31.3%) where the least infected (p < 0.05). Prevalence of infection in relation to parents' occupation was not significant, with children of farmers (53.2%) being the most infected and the least infected where children of civil servant 42.3% (p > 0.05).

Keywords: gastrointestinal helminth, prevalence, school, Adamawa, Nigeria.

Nigerian Journal of Parasitology Vol. 27 2006: pp. 73-75

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eISSN: 1117-4145