Nigerian Journal of Parasitology

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Effects of Blood Sample Collection Pre- and Post- Slaughter, Edta and Heparin Preservation on Haemo Parasites Detection, in Cattle at Zaria Abattoir, Nigeria

A Garba, YS Baraya, MM Gashua, A Aliyu, HU Danjuma, AI Lawal, SE Hambolu, AH Owada


In this study, the effects of collecting blood samples pre-and post- slaughter, as well as EDTA and heparin preserved on the detection of haemo-parasite of cattle were investigated. A six ml of blood each (3ml placed in commercially prepared EDTA and Heparin sample bottles) were collected pre and post slaughter from 25 randomly selected cattle at Zango abattoir, Zaria, suggesting, four samples from each animal, totalling 100 samples. The samples were immediately subjected to Wet mount (WM), Haemotocrit centrifugation test (HCT) and Thin smear (TS) tests. The results revealed that, of the 100 samples examined, 19 (19%) were positive for the presence of Microfilaria spp while 6(6%) yielded Trypanosome spp. Of the 19 samples detected having Microfilaria spp; TS test was sensitive to all the 19(100%), HCT sensitive to 3(15.8%) and WM test was sensitive to only 1(5.3%). Of the 6 samples detected having Trypanosome spp, WM test was sensitive to 5 (83.3%), while HCT and TS tests were each sensitive to same 3(50%) samples. Of all the 25 samples positive to haemo-parasites (19 Microfilaria & 6 Trypanosome spp), 14(56%) were seen in blood samples collected pre slaughter, while 11(44%) samples post slaughter (p>0.05). Similarly, of the 25 positive samples, 16(64%) were in samples preserved in EDTA, while 9(36%) were those preserved in Heparin treated sample bottles (p>0.05). Despite that there was no statistical significant difference, collection of samples before slaughter is advocated. Similarly, EDTA should be preferred in sample preservation than heparinised bottles (p>0.05) for haemo-parasite. The implications of these findings were discussed.

Keywords: Effect of pre- & post-slaughter, Haemo-parasite, EDTA and Heparin, Abattoir, Cattle

Nigerian Journal of Parasitology, Vol. 32 [2] September 2011, pp. 251-256

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