Protecting Under-Tree Nomadic Classrooms from Haematophagous Flies with Tree Anchored Net-Tents Based on S/O Channel/Grip Devices

  • FSO Ugwu
  • VC Onu


Nomadic schools were created for nomads' children to ensure they are educated but the objective has to contend with hordes of haematophagous flies that prey and reduce their fitness and those of their animals. These flies particularly distract students and teachers thereby making teaching-learning interactions lethargic thus jeopardizing both educational standards and the future role of nomads for providing protein and sustaining all other professions which depend on them. There is therefore a need to ensure that their education suffer minimal distraction from exposure to vectors which also transmit amphizenic diseases. We showed how the use of s/o channel/grip devices was extended to provide protection to students and teachers from flies by constructing a net-tent classroom. Classes were conducted in under-tree locations with and without net-tent. Data on signs of distractions during classes exhibited by rubbing/scratching or clapping of uncovered parts of the skin, feet tapings and waving/clapping across faces/ears were obtained and analysed. All the signs of distraction were highly significant [rubbing/scratching, p < 0.0001; clapping of uncovered parts of the skin, p < 0.0001; feet tapings, p < 0.01]. Waving/clapping across faces/ears were caused by small Xylocopa specie, the most common flies caught in the vicinity, was abolished in under-tree net-tent classroom. Mosquitoes [mainly Aedes specie] was the only haematophagous flies caught in the study locations. Participants response suggested that conscious and unconscious actions were involved in repelling insects. The novel net-tent reduced interactions and distractions from flies among children in classrooms in under-tree shades so will likely increase their concentration during classes and thereby smoothen and promote the realisation of the objectives of nomadic education. It is also a potential tool in controlling nuisance insects/vectors thus offering more respite to other related activities such as out-door relaxation, a critical factor in promotion of tourism in parasite endemic areas.

Keywords: Net-tent, s/o channel/grip device, haematophgous flies, nomadic education, insect repellent

Nigerian Journal of Parasitology, Vol. 33 [1] March 2012, pp. 123-128

Author Biographies

FSO Ugwu
South East Zonal Biotechnology Centre, University of Nigeria, Nsukka
VC Onu
Dept. of Educational Foundations, University of Nigeria, Nsukka

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eISSN: 1117-4145