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Integrating and Promoting Wind – Tide Energy for Renewable electricity Production and Sustainable Development in Nigeria

OC Dike
JN Ogwo


The continual decline in supply of conventional energy in Nigeria due to the depletion of the national reserve as the demand continued to increase has resulted to energy crisis with epileptic power supply, rising cost of production and food prices and threat to poverty reduction as its effects. Integrating and promoting alternative energy source (wind and tide) is a promising solution to the energy crisis. In this paper, we have shown that integrating and promoting renewable energy utilizing inputs from wind and tidal power will be an effective means of producing electrical power in Nigeria. This will contribute substantially to the federal government programmes to generate more electrical power for the coming decades and will improve the quality of life of the local populace, with a transition towards meeting their basic needs and reducing hunger and poverty– Millennium development goal (MDG 1).

Key words: renewable energy, wind energy, tide, electricity, Nigeria