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Magnetic Analysis to Determine the Permeability of a Geothermal Reservoir: Case Study of the Ikogosi Warm Spring Area, Ekiti, South-Western Nigeria.

EM Abraham
KM Lawal
CCZ Akaolisa


Aeromagnetic data over the Ikogosi geothermal system is analyse to determine the reservoir permeability of the area. Data along fifteen profiles allowed detailed analysis of the hydrothermally demagnetized rocks thought to represent the extent of the geothermal reservoir. The study shows that demagnetized rocks has good correlation with reservoir permeability. Accordingly, the geothermal reservoir has been delineated. This analysis suggests that demagnetized rocks are mainly associated with high permeability in a geothermal system.

Keywords: Aeromagnetic, Geothermal, Permeability, Magnetization