Obtaining the green's function for electromagnetic waves propagating in layered in-homogeneous thin film media of spherical particles on a substrate

  • EI Ugwu
  • NE Idenyi


The Green's function technique has been used to evaluate the contact stresses acting between layered non-homogeneous media as waves propagated along the surface of the half-spherical space. Integral equation using Green's function as a kernel was employed and three-dimensional function for the homogeneous model was examined by potential method. One of the additional phenomena speculated was the possibility of the stonely surface waves propagating along the contact surface of the layer along with electromagnetic waves. The conditions that obeyed radiation for half spaces were considered in the solution and discussed

Keywords: Green's function, electromagnetic waves, thin film media, radiation

Nigerian Journal of Physics Vol. 17, 2005: 11-15

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1595-0611