Nigerian Journal of Physics

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On the transportation of dangerous materials

AI Obi, IG Ibeanu, MC Mayaki


Advances and breakthroughs in technology may warrant increased transportation of dangerous materials across the globe. These materials include liquefied petroleum products, pressurized inflammable gases (e.g. hydrogen), toxic gases and radioactive materials. Depending on the degree of hazard posed by these goods, especially if they are involved in accident on transit, special packaging requirements are necessary to reduce as much as possible, the inherent dangers to persons and the environment. The dangerous properties of the package such as radioactivity, explosiveness, flammability, pyrophoricity, chemical toxicity and corrosiveness are normally considered in the packaging, labeling, marking, placarding, storage and transportation in compliance with the respective and relevant regulatory bodies. This paper highlights the design criteria and testing of packages for the transportation of various categories of dangerous goods with special reference to the nuclear and petrochemical industries.

Nigerian Journal of Physics Vol. 16(2) 2004: 9-14
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