The shell structure effects in neutron cross section calculation by a theoretical model code

  • SO Jonah Nuclear Reactor Facility Section, Centre for Energy Research and Training, Ahmadu Bello University, PMB 1014, Zaria


The role of the shell structure properties of the nucleus in the calculation of neutron-induced reaction cross-section data based on nuclear reaction theory has been investigated. In this investigation, measured, evaluated and calculated (n.p) reaction cross-section data on la spherical nucleus (i.e. 112Sn) and a deformed nucleus (i.e. 150Nd) were compared. To obtain the calculated data, nuclear model calculation as carried out using the EXIFON calculational code based on a global set of input parameter with the shell structure effect as the only adjustable parameter. The measured and evaluated and calculated data were retrieved from EXFOR and JENDL-3-3 data libraries respectively. A comparison of measured, evaluated and calculated data indicates that calculation in which the shell effect was considered adequately describe experimental data for the deformed nucleus in the 14MeV neutron energy region. Similarly, the calculated data in which the shell structure correction was ignored agree well with measured and evaluated data for the spherical nucleus.

Nigerian Journal of Physics Vol. 16(2) 2004: 81-85

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eISSN: 1595-0611