Aerosol size measurement during the 2004/2005 harmattan season at Uturu, Nigeria

  • IU Chiemeka


The aerosol size measurement at Uturu (lat.05.33°N, 06.03°N and long. 07.10"E, 07.29°E) Nigeria during the 2004/2005 harmattan season was carried out. The aerosol size distributions were measured using zeiss micrometer inserted on the diaphragm inside the eye piece of Olympus binocular microscope. The dust samples were collected on whatman filter paper by direct deposition th th under gravity from January 27 - February 18 , 2005. The collected dust samples were placed on glass slide and viewed under a microscope. The mean value of the measured aerosol diameter and
standard deviation is 3.85 + 2.27mm. The mean of the calculated surface area distribution of the aerosols is 47.85 square mm.

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eISSN: 1595-0611