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Solar electricity potentials and optimal angles for mounting solar panels in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria

IL David-Okoro
TC Chineke
VE Ihemmadu
ND Onyeuwaoma
VN Dike


The need for harnessing solar energy using solar panels mounted at optimal inclination angles in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria is  presented. The optimal angle for mounting solar panels as presented by Photovoltaic Geographic Information System (PVGIS) ranges from 11º to 14º in the Southern zone and 13º to 16º in the Northern zone. The  maximum and minimum solar irradiation at the optimal angle of inclining the solar panels is as follows; South-South zone has a maximum value of 7204 Wh in November at Uyo while Calabar recorded a value of 2857 Wh in August. South-West zone has its value of 6739 Wh in August at Akure while Ibadan has its value of 3186Wh in November. South-East has its value 6353Wh in January at Awka while in September at Owerri; its value is 3306Wh.The North-Eastern zone has its value of 7313 Wh in November at Bauchi while in Jalingo it is 4162Wh in August. The North Central has its value of 7457 Wh in November while in August at Minna, it is 3235 Wh. The North West has its value of 6893 Wh in November at Kaduna while in August at Bernin Kebbi it is 4168 Wh.

Key Words: Optimal Angles, Photovoltaic, Solar Energy, PVGIS, Elevation

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eISSN: 1595-0611