Development of an electronic measurement circuit for cardiac potentials

  • TI Imalerio
  • EE Ike
  • SFA Akande


In this work a simple version of human ECG isolation and measurement system has been designed and implemented. The method employed a  simple instrumentation amplifier, boosted inverting and non-inverting  amplifiers and a constructed chart plotter. Random tests on four persons gave 1.8mV 2.51mV and 1.80mV ECG potentials. The pulse rates were 66, 82 and 66. The values and shapes of the plots compare favorably with theoretical standard values/ plots. The fourth plot taken in a standing position indicated error recording.

Keywords:- Electrocardiograph, Instrumentation amplifier, Chart plotter, Pulse rate.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1595-0611