Effects of gamma radiolysis on the D.C. electrical properties of Benzene

  • CE Orj
  • NO Ajayi
  • AA Laogun


Effects of gamma rays on the d.c electrical properties of the aromatic hydrocarbon compound benzene have been studied as a function of temperature in the range from 50 to 500C. The ionic conductivity, pH and the bulk electrical potential of the benzene samples were measured for non-irradiated and irradiated samples at doses of 30.0, 80.0, 110.0 and 141.0 mGy, respectively. The resistance of the samples to radiolysis was investigated in terms of the activation or bonding energy, H. Results showed that benzene had high resistance to gamma radiolysis. In general, the ionic conductivity and bulk electrical potential were found to increase while the pH decreased with irradiation dose. The ionic conductivity increased from 50.0nS/m for 30.0mGy irradiated sample to 160.0nS/m for 141.0mGy irradiated sample at 22.5oC. The bulk electrical potential increased from -138mV for 30.0mGy irradiated sample to -24mV for 141.0mGy irradiated sample. Also the pH value decreased from 8.95 for 30.0mGy irradiated sample to 7.25 for 141.0mGy irradiated sample.

Keywords: Benzene, Gamma radiolysis, Electrical conductivity, pH, Ionization, and Degradation.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1595-0611