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Recommendations of the Laparoscopic Surgery Society of Nigeria on the Conduct of Minimal Access Surgeries during and after the COVID‑19 Pandemic in Nigeria

Adewale Oluseye Adisa
Olanrewaju Samuel Balogun
Adedapo Osinowo
Y'au Abubakar Gagarawa
Emeka Ray‑Offor
Olatunbosun Ayokunle Oke
Akinoso Olujimi Coker
Christopher O. Bode
Laparoscopic Surgery Society of Nigeria (LASSON)6


Background: COVID-19 pandemic has affected surgical practice worldwide. Laparoscopic procedures utilizing gas for pneumoperitoneum require specific consideration. Method: A panel of experts of the Laparoscopic Surgery Society of Nigeria (LASSON) was constituted to draft recommendations on the conduct of minimal access surgical (MAS) procedures during and after the pandemic in Nigeria. Results: The Society strongly believes that laparoscopy and other (MAS) procedures can be safely performed during and after the current COVID-19 pandemic if appropriate safety measures are adhered to. The Society therefore makes the following recommendations for all units performing MAS in Nigeria: (1) Design clear cut measures to navigate the pandemic in each hospital. (2) Triage surgical services and procedures. (3) Encourage screening and testing of all patients (4) Provide adequate patient communication and consenting (5) Ensure compulsory use of Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) (6) Minimize preoperative and intraoperative personnel (7) Envisage postoperative respiratory challenges and make adequate preparation for respiratory support: (8) Make specific considerations for the confirmed COVID 19 positive patients:(9) Private facilities offering MAS and endoscopic procedures should take special measures during the pandemic (10) Know your limits. Conclusion: The Society encourages all MAS practitioners to adhere to these recommendations.