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A Self‑Insertion of an Uncommon Urethrovesical Foreign Body for Autoerotism

Friday Emeakpor Ogbetere
Eshiobo Irekpita


Apart from iatrogenic causes, many of the foreign bodies in the bladder and urethra are self-inserted through the urethra as a result of psychiatric disturbances, sexual gratification, or erotic curiosity while intoxicated. Despite the reports on the presentation of urethrovesical foreign bodies in the medical literature, the insertion of foreign bodies through the urethra for the purpose of erotic satisfaction remains an enigma. Here, we report a case of a knotted earphone jack as an urethrovesical foreign body inserted for erotic reason by a 32-year-old man with no history of psychiatric disturbances. He could not retrieve it, and the bladder foreign body remained in this position for about 8 h. He was referred to the accident and emergency unit of our hospital, and open surgery was performed to retrieve it.