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Circumcision: Experience at a Private Hospital in Jos, Nigeria

MI Nnamonu


Background: Most circumcisions in our environment are carried out in children for religious and cultural reasons. The PlastiBell device has been used for several decades, though some complications have been associated with its use.

Aims and Objectives: This study examines the safety and acceptability
of the PlastiBell device, which was used in circumcision in the majority of patients studied.

Materials and Methods: Fifty consecutive patients, who had circumcision at a private medical facility in Jos, Nigeria, over a 2 year period, were reported. Their ages, method of circumcision, size of PlastiBell device used, incidence of complications and acceptability of procedure to parents were documented.

Results: In this study, all patients below 42 days old had their circumcision done with the PlastiBell device. Complications seen with this device included hemorrhage in one patient following a slipped out device. In 49 (98%) of the patients, the mothers were satisfied with the outcome of the procedures.

Conclusion: The PlastiBell device can be safely used for circumcisions in children below 42 days old.


Keywords: Circumcision, PlastiBell device, prepuce

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