Aural Myiasis in A 2-Week Old Neonate - Case Report

  • A O Adegboye
  • A O Yakubu
Keywords: Myiasis, Neonate


Aural myiasis, particularly in neonate, is rare, and the average practitioner of pediatrics is less likely to see a case. We present a 2- week old male neonate seen at Federal Medical Centre, Azare, Bauchi State of Nigeria with four days history of left ear chocolate – colour discharge and inconsolable cry before presentation. He was a product of unsupervised home delivery at about 100 metres away from the central open abattoir of the town where the father works as a butcher. Based on the history of apparent ‘maggot' projecting from the left ear, a few drops of turpentine oil were instilled in the left ear. Four larvae of Tumbu fly (Condulobia anthropophaga) were subsequently removed with forceps. Following management was uneventful.

Keywords: Myiasis, Neonate

The Nigerian Medical Practitioner Vol. 52 (4) 2007: pp. 94-96

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eISSN: 0189-0964