Correlation of Anthropometric Measurements with Renal Sizes in Nigerian Children: A Preliminary Report

  • AF Adekanmbi
  • O Toyobo
  • TA Ogunlesi
  • BM Fetuga
Keywords: Anthropometry, Childhood, Renal Sizes, Ultrasonography


Background: Renal dimensions are important for diagnosis and prognosis of nephropathies. These dimensions may be dependent on age and growth parameters. Is there any relationship between renal size and the derivatives of anthropometry? To determine the renal sizes in children sonographically and to correlate these measurements with anthropometric measurements. Children attending the Out-Patient Clinic in a Nigerian Teaching Hospital wothout symptoms or signs referable to renal disorders were prospectively studied between June and August 2009. The weight and height were measured while renal dimensions(length, width and thickness) were sonographically determined. Renal volume, surface area and body mass index were subsequently calculated. A total of 100 subjects aged one month to 14 years were studied: 48% weer female while 52% were males. In male infants the left kidney bipolar length, width, thickness and volume were significantly larger than the right kidney measurements (p = 0.005, p = 0.011, p < 0.001 and 0.02 respectively). Kidney volumes were significantly larger on the left compared to the right in infancy and adolescence among males but not among females. The renal measurements were strongly and positively correlated with age, weight, height and body surface area but not with body mass index. Kidney length appears to consistently increase with age more than width. The strong correlation between anthropometric parameters and renal measurements suggests possible relationship between renal dimensions and somatic growth.

Keywords: Anthropometry, Childhood, Renal Sizes, Ultrasonography


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eISSN: 0189-0964