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Film in social mobilization and human development

Teddy Thaddeus Hanmakyugh


Film is a portentous means of communication. It is a veritable tool for social mobilization, information and entertainment as well as a purveyor of culture.  Several nations use film to promote their culture, social values and norms, government policies and national ideologies for social transformation  to attain national cohesion and development. The film medium is a platform to persuasively engage the people to accept a new idea for  change, to develop a new opinion, attitude or to take a specific course of action on issues. The paper examines the impact and effect of films from other  lands, their influence in galvanizing support from the citizenry to take remedial action to attain positive change in the society. It does so by investigating  the general influence of film and the documentary and other public enlightenment short film clips as effective means to promote social values and public  interest, thus create awareness and a new consciousness for positive change. The paper notes that Nigeria’s value system has been badly eroded  over the years hence the need to take an innovative media approach to stimulate the conscience of the citizenry towards a change that would ensure progress, stability and growth. In lieu of its findings, the paper recommends that as part of the artist’s social responsibility, all hands must be on deck to  encourage Nollywood and other film makers to breath a new life in their productions by exploring themes that impact positively on the audience to  promote government policies and ideologies as well as address socio-economic and political issues nationwide. Since film is a vital agent in shaping  people’s mentality and as a consequence, the paper recommends the production of films that emphasize deliberate drive for positive change in society,  setting up of cottage cinema viewing centres in all local government headquarters and the provision of mobile cinema vans to exhibit films of social  relevance that would engender change. 

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