The Ondersteport Canine distemper virus strain and measles vaccine protect Nigerian local dogs against local isolates of Canine distemper virus

  • M.C.O. Ezeibe
  • L.O. Wosu


Three groups of dogs aged three months each were used in an experiment to assess efficacy of imported Canine distemper vaccine (Ondersteport strain) and measles vaccine in protecting Nigerian dogs against local isolates of Canine distemper virus. Each group consisted of four randomly selected puppies. One group was vaccinated with triple vaccine (which contain the Ondersteport live Canine distemper vaccine). The second group was vaccinated with measles vaccine while the third group served as unvaccinated controls. Four weeks post vaccination all the three groups were infected with 0.1 ml of brain extract of a dog earlier infected with local Canine distemper virus isolated in chorio-allantoic membrane of chicken embryo. Morbidity and mortality was 100% in the control group. The measles vaccinates showed mild rashes on the lower abdomen and recovered spontaneously. There was no morbidity in the group vaccinated with triple vaccine up to 60 days post infection (PI). The two vaccination methods protected the Nigerian dogs (P < 0.01).
KEY WORDS: Ondersteport strain, measles vaccine, protection, Nigerian local dogs

(Nigerian Veterinary Journal: 2002 23(2): 51-55)

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0331-3026