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Occurrence Of Egg Impaction And Peritonitis In A Flock Of Commercial Laying Hens In Damaturu Nigeria

A A Kaikabo
A Mustapha
I I Yaroro
M M Gashua


Some reproductive disorders in poultry which include peritonitis, salpingitis and impaction of oviduct are described as ‘egg peritonitis\' (Jordan, 1990). Egg peritonitis can occur as a severe flock problem and when it does it is usually associated with poor management (Jordan, 1990). Flock egg peritonitis outbreaks are often accompanied by cannibalism and vent pecking. Multiple etiologic factors have been ascribed to egg peritonitis problem. However, Escherichia coli is often incriminated as one of the etiologic agents of egg peritonitis (Hofstad et al., 1984) colibacillosis, coligranuloma, Hjärre\'s disease, salphangitis, synovitis, omphilitis and air sac disease in pre- and- laying hens. Other organisms frequently involved are Staphylococci and Streptococci spp (Jordan, 1990). Egg peritonitis and related effects are responsible for major economic losses to poultry industry (Hofstad et al., 1984). Economic losses resulting from mortality and egg losses were recorded in the flock under consideration. These were due to egg peritonitis, impaction and mortality in laying hens which were otherwise in good bodily condition and had full crops. The mortality was sudden with no premonitory signs except when accompanied by cannibalism and vent pecking. In this article clinico-pathological report on egg peritonitis and impaction in flock of commercial laying hens is presented and assessment of causal factors and control measures are highlighted.

Keywords: Egg peritonitis, Colisepticemia, Vent pecking, E. coli, Laying hens

Nigerian Veterinary Journal Vol. 28 (3) 2007 pp. 56-58

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eISSN: 0331-3026