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Grid Keratotomy for Treatment of Atypical Presenting Indolent Corneal Ulceration in a Boxer

Sarbani Hazra
Himangshu Palui


Corneal ulcers are one of the highest causes of vision impairment in dogs. The Boxer breed is particularly predisposed to recurrent and refractory corneal ulcers (Whitley and Gigler, 1999). In this report we present an interesting case of indolent corneal ulcer in a Boxer with atypical clinical manifestation and features, and its successful treatment by grid keratotomy. Boxer ulcers which are also synonymously termed as refractory epithelial erosions, indolent ulcers, recurrent corneal erosions syndrome, rodent ulcers, are superficial corneal ulcers that heal either slowly or poorly (Gelatt 1970, Whitley and Gigler, 1999). Some characteristic features that help to recognize the condition are overlapping lip of non adherent epithelium present around the ulcers edge and stain positive to fluorescein stain and usually occurs bilaterally (Whitley and Gigler, 1999). In our present case the above commonly occurring features were however not present, but after making critical differential diagnosis and considering the breed predisposition the case was identified as an indolent corneal ulcer, and was successfully treated following grid keratotomy. This is an interesting case report on atypical presentation of a boxer ulcer; similar findings have not been reported previously.

Keywords: Keratotonmy, Treatment, Corneal ulcer, Boxer

Nigerian Veterinary Journal 32(2) 2011