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Outbreak of Peste Des Petits Ruminants in West African Dwarf Goats in Eruwa, Southwestern Nigeria

A Lawal
OT Lasisi
BO Emikpe
GAT Ogundipe


In Nigeria, goats play a significant socioeconomic role in the life of rural people. Recently, there had been report of high mortality of goats especially the kids under one year with none of such among sheep reared together in Eruwa, Southwestern Nigeria. An investigation was conducted to ascertain the cause of the deaths. Clinical, pathological and serological findings were described. Serum samples of forty-two animals from affected goats of varied ages were tested for the presence of PPR antibodies by competitive enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (cELISA).Post mortem examination of three of the carcasses and histopathology of the lungs, segments of the oral mucosa and intestine were also done. The clinical findings observed include loss of appetite, oculo-nasal mucopurulent discharges, dyspnoea, profuse diarrhea and death, the findings led to the tentative diagnosis of PPR. Serum samples from fifteen out of twenty affected,10 out of 10 recovered and 7 apparently healthy goats were tested positive for the presence of PPR antibodies using cELISA. It was also observed that PPRV antibodies were more in goats below one and half years. However, no PPR antibodies were detected in sheep reared together with the goats. At histopathology, there were thickening of the alveolar septa walls with mononuclear cells and presence of varying numbers of macrophages and characteristic giant cells within the alveoli. This is apparently another documented case of PPR after thirty one years of the first report in this community. This showed that obvious concerted efforts in the control of the disease should be harnessed. Enhanced awareness and sensitization campaign among the stockowners towards adoption of annual vaccination of goats before the` onset of rain was recommended.

Keywords: Peste des petits ruminants, outbreak, WAD goats, Serology, cELISA, Nigeria

Nigerian Veterinary Journal, VOL:32 (4) 331-335

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eISSN: 0331-3026